Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Animal Hoarding: When Pet Care Becomes an Obsessive Disorder

by veritasart

"...Animal Hoarder vs. Animal Lovers and Breeders

An animal hoarder is distinguished from a person who has a large number of pets but cares for them properly. A hoarder is also distinguished from an animal breeder who would have a large number of animals at the center of their business. The same would apply to farmers who sometimes have large quantities of animals which help them make a living.

The distinction however can be problematic because many animal hoarders are former breeders who use their former business as a defense mechanism.

The main distinguishing factor between an animal hoarder and an animal lover is that hoarders fail to provide adequate care for their multiple animals. Additionally, they are in complete denial about it. Along with many other compulsive behaviors, animal hoarding is linked to obsessive compulsive disorder and obsessive compulsive personality disorder. Additionally, animal hoarding could be related to dementia or addiction...." More

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