Monday, August 30, 2010

84 dogs seized from Clarksville home

By Janelle MacDonald

Indiana authorities have launched an investigation after they seized dozens of animals from a home in Clarksville on August 26. Now the J.B. Ogle Animal Shelter is trying to deal with the influx of dogs.

Neighbors say you would have never have guessed the number of dogs town officials say the people who live at a home on Cottonwood Drive in Clarksville were keeping.

"When we showed up and knocked on the door, we heard some barking, but it wasn't ... you didn't expect 80 dogs to be there," said Officer Bradley Cummings with Clarksville Animal Control.

Cummings is not releasing the name or exact address of the home. He says an anonymous tip led them to the house.

"One of the neighbors, I guess, were able to see and count the number and they stopped counting at 30," Cummings said.

The building commissioner in Clarksville conducted the original investigation because it's against zoning laws to have more than three dogs in a home. Cummings says the commissioner reported back Wednesday afternoon that there were 30-plus dogs in the home..." More

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