Saturday, August 7, 2010

Linda Baker-Corsigilia - Tulare / Kern, California

Aug 6, 2010: Charges dropped against animal hoarder found with 200 dead and dying animals

The Tulare County District Attorney has released a woman who was found with more than 200 dead, sick and dying animals, many of which came from the Kern County shelter.

Linda Baker-Corsigilia is out of jail after 200 or so sick, dying and dead animals were found at her Strathmore property a week ago.

Kern County animal shelter employees became suspicious of the woman who frequently went to the shelter to supposedly rescue dogs and cats. Kern County Animal Control Director Guy Shaw says they became suspicious of the so-called rescuer because nothing about her fit the mold of a professional rescue operation. However, a bonafide group vouched for her when shelter called them. Still, Bakersfield animal shelter staff called Tulare County authorities to check it out. Officers found 200 dead and dying animals. About 40 animals were dead, some of which were decomposing in containers.

Tulare County sheriff's deputies said the DA wants the sheriff's department to do more investigating before they will file animal cruelty charges.

Corsiglia's 16-year-old daughter was also taken into protective custody..." Link

Aug 3, 2010: Tulare Animal Hoarder Puts Spotlight On Kern County Animal Control

by: Christine Dinh

A Tulare County woman has been accused of hoarding and abusing more than 140 animals. Kern County Animal Control said the woman had taken in 200 animals from the shelter over the past few months. ABC 23 went to the shelter to examine its rescue protocol

Tulare County released Linda Corsiglia from jail Monday after nearly 200 animals were found dead, abused or neglected inside her Tulare County home last week. Corsiglia was arrested after Kern County Animal Control tipped off Tulare authorities. "The staff sensed something was wrong. They were just uneasy," said Guy Shaw of Animal Control..." More & video

July 30, 2010: 200 animals abused in Strathmore

By: John-Thomas Kobos

Investigators said they've uncovered one of the worst ever cases of animal abuse even in Tulare County and a juvenile's life was also threatened. At least 50 animals were found dead and even more neglected at a home in Strathmore. Investigators have arrested 53-year-old Linda Corsiglia.

On a remote stretch of country road outside of Strathmore ... various animal crates, canned food, even a bale of hay makes this home look like it was turned into an animal rescue shelter -- Tulare County investigators said that's what Linda Corsiglia wants people to believe.

"Kern County Animal Control actually received some information that there was a location in Strathmore that might be operating as an animal shelter," said Sgt. Chris Douglass.

Douglass said that tip also included information that animals there were being abused. When investigators showed up on Thursday they found at least 50 animals -- dogs, cats, rabbits and a chicken -- dead inside this home. They also found 150 other animals starving for food and water.

Corsiglia only lived in this home for two months. Residents we spoke to say that was not enough time to get to know her but they did notice several empty animal cages outside of this home..." More & video

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