Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wood County breeders surrender dogs


More than 15 dogs that spent a majority of their lives in a Saratoga kennel were in search of new homes around the state Friday following an official surrender from their owners.

On Thursday, Shane Morgan, who along with Tanya Schmoeckel bred and sold a variety of toy dog breeds out of their Saratoga home, surrendered 28 dogs to Wood County Humane Officer Nanci Kinney. The animals had been seized by Kinney the week before after a citizen complained the dogs were living in harsh conditions with ailments such as severe dental disease.

A transportation company affiliated with the Wisconsin Federated Humane Societies loaded more than 15 of the animals at the South Wood CountyHumane Society, whose employees had been overseeing the care of the animals during the custody battle. Schmoeckel protested in Wood County Circuit Court on Tuesday to have the 28 dogs and two Persian cats returned to her home. She was only successful in regaining ownership of the felines.

The 10 or so dogs expected to stay in Wood County mostly consist of young puppies, said Phil Hartley, executive director of the South Wood County Humane Society. As they grow older, they will eventually be adopted, he said..." More

Photo: Jodee Boyd