Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dogs rescued from “too small” house.

A group of dogs have been rescued from a home in Madrid, where they were being kept in cramped conditions, in a house of 40 square meters in the town of San Sebastian de los Reyes.

The house did not meet the requirements of hygiene and health for the welfare of dogs, mostly because it was “too small” but also because of the lack of care that the animals received. Some of the dogs had obvious signs of suffering from scabies and other injuries that were caused by fights between them, according to sources.

None of the animals had received veterinary care, 44 of the 49 dogs had no identification and rabies vaccination, and many never left home for long periods of time.

Among the animals seized was a puppy just 20 days old, and several females with signs of having recently had a litter, whose offspring, according to the owner, had died of unknown causes.

The animals have been transferred to the Reception Center for Animals Madrid (CIAAM) in Colmenar Viejo, who are providing the veterinary care they need. The Regional Executive has said that all these rescued animals can be handed over for adoption after passing the relevant health checks..." Link