Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SPCA: Kittens Found In Tupperware

PHILADELPHIA - The SPCA is investigating a shocking case of animal hoarding in the city's Germantown section.

Animal control officers say two kittens were found in tupperware containers in a home off of Germantown Avenue, reported Fox 29's Sharon Crowley.

Two dogs were found along with a foot of feces in a small crate. An elderly dog was found in "horrific condition" lying in its own feces in a front room.

The animals were removed from the home.

"The smell was atrocious, took your breath away. That's how bad it was. The conditions were definitely one of the worse I've ever seen," said a SPCA official at the scene.

A woman, in her 70s, discovered in the trash-filled home was taken away to a mental facility.

License & Inspection officials said the building will be condemned for unsanitary conditions..." Link & video