Saturday, August 15, 2009

Puppy Mill Dogs Get Medical Attention

Volunteer Veterinarians Battle The Clock To Evaluate Nearly 600 Dogs By Tomorrow

By: Shana Franklin

Volunteer veterinarians today began thoroughly examining and triaging nearly 600 animals seized yesterday from Klassie Kennels in Kaufman County. Volunteer Rosemary Cloud says about a dog with patches of hair loss, "Just look. Look at these eyes. Look at this skin. It needs a doctor."

Cloud came from McKinney to help the effort at a temporary shelter in an undisclosed location. Vets are in a race against time, trying to get all the animals seen and on medication by tomorrow afternoon. Veterinarian, James O'Bryan says, "About all of them have some sort of problem that needs to be treated or requires veterinary attention. Some more severe."

Scotlund Haisley is with the Humane Society of the United States. He showed us a female dog with green discharge coming out of her eyes, saying, she has already improved in one day of getting good care. "Yesterday, her eyes were nearly sealed shut due to the eye infection that was going on."

Haisley says that dog is one of the many dogs found malnourished, mistreated and kept in deplorable conditions at Klassie Kennels on FM 90 in Prairieville. Owner James Boyd is "dumbfounded." That's how he describes having his animals taken by authorities. When I asked him if he would consider these animals well cared for, he answered, "Yes."

Boyd says the 500 plus dogs, some of which were kept in a cement-floored, unconditioned building he showed us, were fed and given water at least once a day. He says all but pregnant dogs and new mothers had indoor outdoor access and none of the adult dogs he knows of are sick. Boyd says his wife will have the final say, but they don't plan to voluntarily surrender the dogs at a hearing Friday. James Boyd says about the dogs, "They're part of our family. You wouldn't not want your kids back and something like that. And that's the way they are."..." More & video

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