Sunday, August 9, 2009

The victims of animal hoarding

In Groton today, 50 cats were seized from a single-unit trailer, according to reports by The Day newspaper. The story, a sadly familiar one, is a classic example of animal hoarding.

Animal hoarding, also referred to as collecting, is characterized by people who keep many animals and do not care for them. Cases range from animals living without veterinary care to living in filthy, disease-ridden conditions. Some die right in these environments.

n this particular case in Groton, the couple had given up animals in 2007 after the same complaints. According to the animal control officer quoted by The Day, the cats would be looked at by a vet to determine if cruelty charges would be handed down.

According to, "hoarders may feel that they 'love' animals, but they can be blind to the fact that they are not caring for them responsibly even in the face of starvation and death. Hoarders are usually unable to bear the thought of euthanasia, but vast numbers of animals are 'saved' only to languish in a squalid, crowded environment where they suffer from malnourishment, illness, inactivity, poor ventilation, and lack of human companionship."..." More