Thursday, August 13, 2009

Horrific Animal Abuse Claims at Missouri Farm

Bob Stepanich, edited by Jason Vaughn

WARRENSBURG, MO - Authorities in Johnson County, Missouri, are investigating after a woman on an outing with her children says she found a horrific scene of animal abuse and neglect at a farm near Warrensburg.

Shirley Dempsey says that she was taking pictures of the countryside with her children when she came upon the farm, where she says she found at least a dozen neglected horses and other animals.

"One of the dogs, I kept tripping over him because he wanted me to play with him," said Dempsey. "He had a bone. He wanted me to throw it and it was a horse's hoof that he was chewing that still had bone connected to it."

Dempsey says that many of the horses were losing their hair due to some type of fungus, and she says she could see bones protruding through their skin..."
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