Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dozens of cats found living in horrific conditions

EVERETT, Wash. -- Dozens of cats and several finches were found living in horrific conditions at a home in South Everett Friday night.

Medics were called to the home in the 11700 block of Center Road to treat a woman for a medical emergency.

When they arrived, they found 40 cats and kittens and eight finches covered in feces and urine amid piles of trash and urine-soaked walls. The woman was taken away for treatment, and her condition is not known.

Deputies and animal control officers were called to the home and said the odor was so overpowering, it could be detected well outside the home. They were required to use ventilators and protective suits to go in and rescue the cats.

Their investigation also uncovered nine dead animals -- six dead kittens were discovered in the oven wrapped in paper towels. Two kittens and a dead adult cat were decomposing amid the trash piles.

More cats were found running around the front yard and were captured by animal control officers..."