Saturday, August 8, 2009

6 Badly Matted Dogs Removed From Bothell Home

Six badly matted dogs were removed from a Bothell home after an investigation into a suspected case of animal hoarding, said Nancy McKenney of King County Animal Care and Control.

Animal Control Officers and rescuers brought six dogs out of the home. Four of them had hair so badly matted that it was tough to even determine their breed.

“When the first dog came out I couldn't actually tell what side was the head,” said Brendan Brannen of Pasado's Safe Haven.

Firefighters entered the home after the homeowner cooperated with authorities, but they wore biohazard gear and could not open the front door all the way.

Neighbor Irene Anderson first alerted King County on Friday, July 31 about questionable conditions and a large number of animals at the home, McKenney said.

Anderson said she first filed a complaint four years ago and then again last week. Animal Control Officers then began collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and gathering a task force of government agencies to work cooperatively on the case.

Anderson described the scene, “Horrific, haunting, my worst nightmare. I've wondered what kind of condition the dogs would be in.”

No deceased animals were found..." More & video

Aug 6, 2009: Home investigated over allegations of animal hoarding

BOTHELL, Wash. - Animal control officers say they have plans to serve a search warrant at one Bothell home over complaints of alleged animal hoarding.

People who live near the 9100 block of NE 141st Street say they hear animals like dogs inside the home, but have never seen one outside.

It's not the first time investigators have looked into this home. Dozens of cats were seized from the home in March 2002, but King County Animal Care and Control said they started getting complaints again starting July 30..." More & video