Monday, August 3, 2009

So. Louisville woman charged with neglect of over 40 pets

An ongoing investigation of animal neglect has led authorities to a disturbing discovery. Five dozen animals were living in a south Louisville home with a woman and a young child.

Authorities say they received several calls from concerned people about what was happening in this house. Neighbors told us, off camera, they guessed anywhere from 40 to 50 animals had to be living at a home off of S. 5th Street.

As it turns out 60 animals -- 56 cats and 4 dogs were confiscated Friday night from Launa Calvert's home. They were taken to Metro Animal Services. Only the dogs and 12 of the cats were healthy enough to survive.

"She signed over a large amount of cats and they were humanely euthanized because they were very sick and in very very very poor health,” said Metro Animal Services Director Jackie Gulbe..." More