Saturday, August 15, 2009

Deplorable conditions found in animal neglect case

It happens all too often, officials are alerted to a case of possible animal hoarding or of an abusive situation and dogs are confiscated from a personal residence. King5 shared details of one such case in Bothell, WA just last week.

Concerned neighbors reported a possible case of animal hoarding to King County Animal Control officers. A search warrant was obtained and the dog owners turned their animals over to King County. After the residence was inspected by the fire department, the home was deemed unfit to be lived in.

The six dogs removed from the home have been taken in by Pasado's Safe Haven. Pasados reports that the small breed dogs are suffering from hideously matted fur, rotting teeth, painfully long nails and a variety of ongoing infections. Pasados is hopeful that the dogs will recover, but admits that it will be a long-haul for dogs suffering from such obvious neglect..." More