Monday, August 24, 2009

29 Dogs Seized From Suspected Dog Fighting Operation Need Homes

Twenty-nine dogs that were seized in a raid involving suspected dog fighting and drug trafficking have formally been turned over to the Georgia SPCA.

Officials said the dogs' owner Antonio Monds, 32, had been under surveillance for six months for suspected dog fighting operation, gambling and drugs. Law enforcement, NORRED investigators and GA SPCA emergency response team seized the dogs from the Talbot County property on Wednesday and moved them to an undisclosed location in a nearby county.

Monds surrendered ownership of the dogs to the Talbot County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday. The Talbot County Sheriff’s Department is not equipped to care for animals that are seized so they have now turned over custody of the dogs to the Georgia SPCA. Georgia SPCA director, Joan Sammond said that the dogs are currently undergoing a more thorough evaluation for health and temperament and will be ready to go into rescue as early as next week. At that time the dogs will be fostered with rescue and adopted out as each agency sees fit.

"We will be taking several of the dogs into our Suwanee adoption facility. The rest of the dogs we need to find eligible rescue and humane organizations to take because our facility does not have the space for this many dogs. We have been contacted by Mariah’s Promise, a Pit bull rescue in Colorado but they are not sure how many of the dogs they would be able to help out with," Sammond said..." More