Sunday, August 9, 2009

Report: Breeders refused care for animals


Two Saratoga residents who had more than 30 of their animals seized by a Wood County humane officer Thursday refused to provide treatment to the dogs and cats before they were confiscated, according to a warrant filed this week.

Tanya L. Schmoeckel, 34, and Shane L. Morgan, 34, were first approached by Humane Officer Nanci Kinney July 28 regarding the health of their animals, after Kinney received a tip from someone who tried buying a Persian kitten from the couple. The informant said the cat was very ill, according to the special inspection warrant.

The humane officer told the couple to take their animals to a veterinarian for treatment. If they failed to do so, some of the illnesses could lead to the animals' deaths. On Tuesday, Kinney contacted Schmoeckel to see if she had treated the animal. She responded "that she was not taking the animals to a veterinarian nor was she going to treat the animals and that Humane Officer Kinney could not come to the property to inspect the animals," the report stated..." More