Monday, July 27, 2009

Wellington woman on probation for animal cruelty arrested for DUI


A Wellington woman who pleaded guilty last year to animal cruelty after authorities seized 27 animals from her property was arrested Sunday for DUI and eluding police officers.

Alesha Matchett, 44, who accepted a plea agreement offered by prosecutors to serve 200 hours of community service and serve four years through probation, is facing charges for DUI, DUI driving under restraint, eluding a police officer and disobeying a lane usage sign.

She was arrested Sunday and is scheduled to be advised of her rights and the charges against her through a video hearing at 1:30 p.m. today. Her bond is also likely to be set at that time.

This is her second DUI arrest in the last two years. She has pleaded not guilty to  DUI after being arrested in May 2008, about five months after her property was raided and she was originally charged with 20 counts related to inadequate car of animals at her rescue, Animal Angels Horse Rescue Shelter..."  More

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