Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Officials find 90 dead, dying and injured cats


LEWISVILLE, Idaho - Humane Society officials discovered a disturbing case of animal hoarding in Eastern Idaho.

Andi Elliot with Humane Society took several graphic pictures of dead, sick and injured cats in a filthy home. Elliott says there were about 90 cats inside the Lewisville home. Most need to be euthanized. Lewisville is about 20 miles north of Idaho Falls.

Elliot received permission from the homeowner, Wendy Barnes, to take the cats away. Barnes was also taken to the hospital for an evaluation.

"It's appalling," Elliot said. "When you go in there and actually pick up kittens and (they're) all dying in your hands it's hard to sleep."

No charges have been filed..."  More & photos