Monday, July 20, 2009

JP rules in favor of HSPCA in Tyler County animal seizure

A Tyler County woman tonight says she knows she couldn't care for all of her animals.

Yesterday the Houston SPCA and Tyler County Sheriff's Deputies seized about 30 horses, nearly 20 dogs, 6 puppies and 2 birds from property just East of Hillister.

"I drove home to find a seizure notice on my door and all my horses gone," says Vyonda Lowe, the owner of the animals.

Vyonda Lowe says she returned home from a hospital stay to find almost all of her animals gone, only a few of her dogs remained.

Yesterday, authorities seized 31 horses, about 20 dogs and 2 birds from Lowe's property.

The animals were taken to Houston for treatment.

"Plain and simple fact, see animals in distress, you take action. Just that simple," says Sheriff David Hennigan.

Tyler County Sheriff David Hennigan says the animals were malnourished. You could see the horses' ribs and hip bones, especially the younger ones.