Wednesday, July 22, 2009

23 dogs seized from business

By:  Dustin Graham

On July 17 the Greenwood Police Department along with the Sebastian County Humane Society seized 23 dogs and a dead puppy from
Neiman Barkaus, a pet grooming business on S. Coker Street.

The condition of the animals at the business was discovered during an investigation by Code Enforcement Officer Chris Fuller, who has been with the department since March 2008.

On July 15 Fuller was trying to find the owner of a stray Shih Tzu that has taken up residence in a pavilion in Bell Park. Fuller stated that since Neiman Barkaus dealt with Shih Tzu's he would start by asking them if they knew who the owner was.

When he went to the business he found it closed and noticed several dogs in dirty cages and some that were running free inside. Fuller also noticed a strong odor coming from the building and feces on the floor inside.

"There was a horrendous smell even with the doors closed," said Fuller..."