Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update: Cat Hoarding Case Causes Difficulties For Volunteers

By: Ashley Blackstone

A cat hoarding case, along with the troubling economy, has caused problems for a central Arkansas rescue group.

Lydia Grier recently helped take 20 cats from a home in Vilonia. 
They're Gentle Souls' latest rescued animals. Right now, they are in quarantine as precaution.

"I couldn't get within five feet of her door without wanting to gag," says Grier. 

She says the kittens were living in unsanitary conditions. And there's still about 30 more to rescue. 

"Actually the word to me would be deplorable," Grier adds. 

All are infested with fleas. Some have eye conditions. None are spayed or neutered. They need blood tests, vaccines, and antibiotics. 

Grier says, "Right now, just for 40 cats, you figure that is $3,200 coming out of the coffer that just really isn't there." 

Pet supplies, food and cash donations have dropped 60 percent. As for adoptions, they're down 35 percent. It's just another sign of the struggling economy. In fact, Gentle Souls began in 2004, and by far, Grier calls 2009 the worst year yet. 

"It is hard to ask someone to give you money when you know that they can't even afford to feed their own family." ..."