Sunday, July 12, 2009

Animal abuser arrested in Warwick 13 years ago now repeat offender in North Carolina

Bertie County, N.C. - Thirteen years ago The Warwick Advertiser published an award-winning series of articles about the plight of 13 dogs, all part of an ill fed and cared for menagerie seized by New York State Police during a raid at the home of Greenwood Lake resident Stephen Kyprianides.

Although Kyprianides was subsequently convicted of animal cruelty, the Warwick Valley Humane Society could not put the dogs up for adoption. And it was ordered to care for the animals without any reimbursement pending decisions on appeals filed by Kyprianides’ attorney Michael Sussman. The action cost the Shelter more than $80,000.

The Warwick Advertiser articles eventually prompted new state legislation designed to help compensate shelters that house animals seized in cruelty cases.

This past June the same Stephen Kyprianides, 68, reemerged in Bertie County, N.C., where he was arrested on 39 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty..."  More

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