Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cats living in unhealthy habitat

by Kathleen Leinen • Daily News

North Dakota and Richland County officials scrambled recently to deal with allegations of animal abuse in Lidgerwood.

Tiffany Wisnewski claimed Michael Ciesynski had 22 cats and three dogs living in their own filth at his residence. She said the animals were not being cared for properly and were reproducing at a rapid rate.

Wisnewski contacted Dr. Susan Keller, state veterinarian, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office and the Richland-Wilkin Humane Society. She said she was begging anyone to step in and help the animals.
“These animals continue to suffer daily and I wonder how many in there have died because of the living conditions,” she said. “These animals are living in their own feces and urine. The last count from Michael was 22 or more (cats). There are no litter boxes, no running water, no heat, no air conditioning and no one to answer their pleas for help.”

If the conditions were as bad as Wisnewski claimed, Keller said it might be the second worst case of neglect she has encountered.

Richland County Deputy Aaron Grenz visited the residence and found Michael Ciesynski at home. Grenz walked through the property and found the animals in good condition, although their living conditions were deplorable. He found the house overrun with junk and garbage, with only small paths available through the house for the animals to walk through..."