Saturday, July 25, 2009

Animal hoarding in Bensalem

Another case of animal hoarding was uncovered yesterday at the 2700 block of June Street in Bensalem, (Bucks County) PA. A 74 year old woman and her 38 year old son were actually living among filth, clutter, trash and animals (living and dead).

The house is literally falling down and has been condemned by the Board of Health. A cat was found walking on the roof; it apparently had easy access from the rotted eves of the house. The house is scheduled to be torn down within the next 30 days.

A total of five cats were rescued by PSPCA and will be available for adoption. Their names are Mischief, Sprinkles, Sugar Cone, Clover and Diamond.

Dead animals were discovered among the ceiling high trash including one cat in a cage that had actually mummified! Traps were left at the site for any other animals that may have been missed. Officials will return to the house to check on the traps and remove any other animals discovered..."  More & video