Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ohio Woman Cited for Hoarding More Than 300 Animals

A Cleveland area animal hoarder was cited by local law enforcement officers for living in “squalor” with more than 300 animals. The Parma woman was temporarily removed from her home because it was declared unsafe for human habitation, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. She will appear in municipal court later this month on multiple misdemeanor charges related to her alleged failure to properly care for the menagerie of animals.

Parma police officers removed approximately 250 birds 33 dogs, 30 quail and six cats from the Yorkshire Avenue home after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen, Fox News 8 reports. Mayor Tim DeGeeter spokesman Jeannie Roberts stated the dogs are “essentially” healthy but were flea-ridden and in required nail clippings, according to Sun Post interview excerpts republished in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The dogs were sent to the local animal shelter for care and possibly later adoption. The shelter is requesting donations to help cover the costs for caring for the large influx of dogs.

The as yet unidentified woman told local officials the rabbits did not belong to her and agreed to return them to their owners. The local shelter could not accommodate the more than 250 birds so police officers allowed the woman the opportunity to sell the creatures at a weekend flea market. The cats will remain with the woman, at least temporarily if she can find a place to live which allows pets..."  More

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