Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fulton County animal welfare officials raid familiar farm

By: Dan Levy

 It was another case of deja vu Thursday for both Fulton County Sheriff's investigators and animal welfare officers.
It was just last month when law enforcement and SPCA personnel converged on the Mayfield property of Sue Kelly. At that time nearly 300 animals were seized. Thursday, they went in for more.
The puppies that were being sheltered at the Mohawk and Hudson Humane Society Thursday night are the latest haul from alleged animal hoarder Sue Kelly.
Most of them are pure bred, and even though most of them are pretty playful, most are in need of immediate veterinary care.
"There are some dogs that are going to need some long term recovery," said Tina Murray, the Director of Operations and Humane Law Enforcement Officer for the SPCA. "I do believe they're all relatively salvageable."
Murray says she went along with law enforcement earlier in the day with a search warrant on Route 349, Kelly's Haven for Friends and Animals, where she describes conditions as deplorable: dogs were kept improperly confined, unsanitary living conditions, and dogs that needed immediate medical care.
In the past, more than 300 animals -- dogs, cats, goats, birds, and horses -- had been seized from that property.
Many friends and volunteers defend Kelly, applauding her dedication, her compassion, and her inability to turn away any animal, but experts say the Kelly scenario illustrates the dichotomy of animal hoarding: people who believe they're caring for the animals but are actually causing them great harm..."  More

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Anonymous said...

this is so sad that animals have to suffer because of sue kelly's mental disorder. why cant the state put her in a mental hospital so she can receive help and have the aspca take away all those poor creatures...