Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hoarding couple with 65 cats kicked out of council house as workers find three dead pets under 30 TONS of rubbish


A couple with 65 cats have been kicked out of their council home after health inspectors found it was jam-packed with rubbish - finding three dead cats underneath old bin bags.

Christopher and Elizabeth Blore were ordered out of their home in Kingsbury in Brent, northwest London, after council workers were left staggered at the mess - which reached from floor to ceiling in most rooms.

The couple were told not to return to their home for three months so the council could clear the rubbish up and fumigate the home.

The local authority will have to remove 30 tonnes of rubbish from the Blore's home between now and August, paying out a staggering £18,000 to clean the property.

Brent Council was made aware of the situation by neighbours more than two years ago after they complained of a ‘putrid smell’, and after a protracted battle with the couple they finally managed to get them out of the house last week.

The council also revealed that it had successfully won an Asbo against the couple banning them from keeping or feeding cats.

Sergeant Liam Tierney said: 'It was only when taking statements from the neighbours that we realised what a devastating effect the Blores where having on their everyday lives..."  More

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