Friday, June 1, 2012

Sandra Coupal - Santa Barbara, CA

Jun 1, 2012:  Animal cruelty charges dismissed in Santa Barbara case

Animal cruelty charges have been dismissed against a Santa Barbara woman who had 430 animals on her property.

Authorities seized most of Sandra Coupal's animals, mostly chickens, in December after someone complained she was using the property as a shelter.

Coupal was charged with animal cruelty.

But the Santa Barbara News-Press says the charges were dismissed in a deal last month that allows Coupal to shelter no more than 50 animals. She agreed to periodic property inspections.

She was also allowed to retrieve about 30 seized animals described by defense attorney Robert Landheer as mostly show birds.

Santa Barbara County Animal Services have put the remaining animals up for adoption..."  Link

Animal Services Taking Financial Hit To Feed 445 Seized Animals

The District Attorney filed charges against a woman accused of animal cruelty after more than 400 animals were seized from her home in December and Animal Services has been fronting the bill to care for the animals since then.
Sandra Coupal is facing misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and failing to provide proper care and attention to animals.
On December 10, 2011, County Animal Services along with the Santa Barbara Humane Society and the Sheriff's Department, served a search warrant allowing the seizure of the animals at Coupal's residence on West Camino Cielo.
Since the animals were taken, the county has spent unbudgeted money to care for and feed the 445 animals which include turkeys, hens, roosters, pigeons, quail, dogs, cats and a lone rabbit and alpaca.
Santa Barbara County Animal Services teamed up with the Santa Barbara Humane Society to house the animals. Two full-time staff members are needed to take care for them. Feeding the animals has been an unbudgeted challenge for the county.
"Because of the additional labor component as well as the additional expenditures for feed, it is a hardship but it is something we feel is important to do," said Animal Services Director Jan Glick. "You never know when you'll have a case like this but you just have to rise to the occasion and do what's needed to be done for the welfare of the animals."..."  More

Dec 10, 2011 - Hundreds of Animals Seized at Santa Barbara Home

SANTA BARBARA, CA - A woman could soon be facing charges for animal hoarding. Authorities seized nearly 450 birds and other species at a home in Santa Barbara Saturday. According to Santa Barbara County Animal Services, they are putting together a case against the woman who owned the animals, and they will be presenting it to the district attorney's office later this week.

Authorities received an anonymous tip that a woman living on West Camino Cielo had been hoarding hundreds of animals. The Sheriff's Department teamed up with Animal Services and Humane Societies to conduct a search. 

When they arrived, they discovered 445 birds, including chickens, parrots, turkeys and quail, in addition to some farm animals, cats and dogs..."  More

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