Thursday, June 7, 2012

DFW Hoarders Buried Under Piles Of Problems

Reporting Jay Gormley
Amy Barnes likes to keep the outside of her Plano home in tip-top shape. The lawn is cut and the shrubs are well manicured. But on the inside, Barnes is living a life under siege. ”It is difficult and it’s tiring. I don’t want to live this way,” explained the 40-year-old.

Barnes is a confessed hoarder. Her obsession began five years ago. ”It started with learning that I got a high from bargain shopping.”
And now, Barnes can’t seem to throw anything away. “I struggle with every decision. Am I throwing away something I might need,” she constantly asks herself.
Boxes, gadgets, arts and crafts along with a mountain of other clutter has turned her house into an obstacle course. ”It’s extremely embarrassing. I don’t open the blinds in the front and I don’t let people in,” said Barnes..."  More

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