Friday, June 15, 2012

Alabama hoarder situation finds 85 dogs in desperate need

Cheryl Hanna

Madison Police were called to 815 Crestview Drive early on Thursday morning in Madison, Ala. after an anonymous complaint was lodged about offensive odors emanating from the home. Authorities found an elderly couple who were housing 85 dogs. Some of the dogs were dead, and others were suffering grave illnesses and had to be euthanized. None of the dogs had licenses, and the dogs ranged in age from puppies to older adults.
Lieutenant Terrell Cook stated the couple really loves dogs, and as with most animal hoarders the situation got out of hand. states the Madison City Animal Control, Huntsville Animal Services, Madison Animal Rescue Foundation, and the ARK are working with local veterinarians helping as many of the dogs as possible.
According to the Humane Society of the United States(HSUS) and the Hoarding Animals Research Consortium, over 250,000 animals fall victim to animal hoarding every year. Unfortunately most hoarders do not recognize the cruelty they inflict upon the animals and believe they are either rescuing or saving the animals from being taken to a shelter or being euthanized...."  More

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