Tuesday, June 26, 2012

51 animals removed from Myrtle Beach home

by Brianna Smith

Myrtle Beach Animal Control removed 51 animals from a home Monday.
Thirty six dogs and 15 cats were taken from what owner Ruth Griffin calls a rescue organization.
Griffin was charged with not having a business license, not having proper vaccinations for the animals, and not kenneling them properly.
However, Griffin says that she loves the animals and she was born to help them, "well it's been my dream, when I was a small child, I wanted to be a veterinarian."
Myrtle Beach Police and animal control say it was their turn to save the animals from Griffin.
"The condition that they were kept in, the condition of the house, that was not only a safety concern for the dogs, but for the occupants of the residence," says Captain David Knipes.
Griffin doesn't deny she was housing the animals. "Dozens, dozens have been coming through here, and it's true," she says.
Animal control says those dozens of animals were not being cared for properly. Knipes says they were "standing with feces and urine all over them, more than two to a crate, not even being able to turn around. That's why the animals were taken, for their own protection."..."  More & video

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