Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elderly couple may face charges for hoarding dogs

By Margo Gray

An elderly couple may soon face charges for hoarding more than 80 dogs in their Madison home.
Only 39 survived on June 14.
The couple could face animal cruelty charges, but, as of now, investigators have not officially charged them.
Since the story was aired, there has been an outpouring from people wanting to help give the dogs a good home.
The home they came from off Crestview Drive in Madison is now condemned.
Shelters in the area are working together to get the dogs healthy again. They all have to get their shots and be de-wormed, spayed and neutered.
So far, more than 100 people in the community have asked to adopt the dogs and puppies.
"Constantly, you see some of the saddest cases of abuse and neglect, but then you also see so many cases of the outpouring of love and support when this happens and that makes it great," said Miki Bennett, founder of Madison Animal Rescue Foundation..."  More & video

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