Friday, June 1, 2012

John Aikman - Indianapolis

Man Threatens Suicide After Dogs Seized

The owner of 50 dogs seized from a south side home as part of a possible puppy mill and hoarding investigation has been detained by police.

John Aikman called the Mayor's Action Center on Thursday threatening to cut his wrists and saying he would rather die than live without his dogs, police said.

"I'm scared of the police. I don't want to wake up tomorrow because someone kicked my door in and put a bullet in my head," Aikman said in the phone call..."  More

May 31, 2012:  50 Dogs Confiscated In Hoarding Investigation

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control officers confiscated more than 50 dogs from a south side home as part of possible puppy mill and hoarding investigation.

Officers served the warrant Wednesday afternoon at John Aikman's home on Dawson Street.

"It's unsatisfactory conditions," said IACC Deputy Chief Marcus Brown. "You can hear them inside (the house) barking and yapping, and I think the urine smell is becoming a nuisance."

In addition to the dozens of dogs and puppies pulled from the home, officers said additional evidence included a website where Aikman advertises "quality toy breed puppies,” RTV6’s Kara Kenney reported.

Officers said they confiscated some of Aikman's animals a few weeks ago, but once they were returned, people started calling in to complain.

"Inside the house there's no kennels for the animals, and there's an abandoned vehicle back in the back," Brown said. "There are all kinds of things the animals could get hurt on."

The dogs' owner denied running a puppy mill and told RTV6 he was not mistreating the animals.

"The conditions are excellent for the animals," Aikman said. "They were being delivered to friends and family and cousins and their friends."

Aikman blamed IACC‘s previous confiscation for the health of the dogs.

"Since I got them back, they've acquired kennel cough from being held by animal control,” he said.

Officers cited Aikman for improper care and treatment of animals. A judge will decide whether he can get the dogs back, or legally own animals in the county again.

Meanwhile, a veterinarian is checking out the dogs and puppies, and they will soon head to a foster family..."  More

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