Friday, April 27, 2012

Research Suggests Genetics Are Behind Hoarding

By David Wade

It’s a secret hidden behind closed doors, but millions of people are driven to collect things most of us consider junk, even trash.
Reality TV shows like “Hoarders” have made us aware of the lives these people lead, but they haven’t answered why they are compelled to live this way.
Researchers are now finding more evidence there could be a genetic link.
It is estimated up to six million American could suffer from this pathological brain disorder.
“Amanda” was one of those hoarders. “I was obsessed with this, truly obsessed,” she admitted.
She hoarded old TVs, furniture, paper, stuffed animals, and just about anything else she could find. “Literally, I had to sometimes push items on my hands and knees down the hall, on the floor, to get them in here.”
Storing so much stuff can turn deadly. 85 year old Joseph Kozlowski, a WWII veteran was trapped in the basement of his Wayland home in March as piles of debris smoldered. He lived in the basement because he could no longer access the upper floors of the house. They were packed with junk..."  More & video

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