Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dogs XL of Baltimore, Md., takes in St. Bernards, Mastiffs, from Kentucky animal hoarding situation

by Kathy Blumenstock

Dogs housed in filthy, cramped conditions in Kentucky are getting a second chance for a new life, thanks to a local animal rescue group.

The dogs, of assorted breeds and sizes including large breeds such as St. Bernards and Mastiffs, were part of an animal hoarding/puppy mill situation in Henry County, Ky. where a couple had more than 200 animals ranging from guinea pigs to horses. The operation was described as a "rescue" but none of the animals had been spayed or neutered nor had they received necessary vet care. They were kept in filthy pens and crates, crammed into tiny spaces and forced to stand on top of one another and live in their own excrement. Some were found dead.

The animals that were able to be saved were seized by local Animal Control. They were not able to adopted out or spayed/ neutered while the animal cruelty case against the couple proceeded to court. Many were fostered by volunteers because the small local animal shelter was overwhelmed by such a large number of animals in need.

This week, with the end of the court case, the animals can now be adopted after spaying and neutering.

Starting this week, Dogs XL is bringing five St. Bernards and Mastiffs to Baltimore for behavior evaluation and medical care, and to begin the process of finding new homes. The dogs have been in the care of animal advocate Tammie Crawford for the past four months. She reports that despite their lives in squalid isolation, the dogs are eager for attention and affection, like people, and have sweet dispositions.

For information on adopting one of the rescued dogs, go to Dogs XL's website...."  More & slideshow

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