Friday, April 27, 2012

Investigators Find Ducks Swimming in Sewage, Matted Dogs In Man's Home

Dona Ana County Sheriff's investigators are considering charging a man with animal cruelty for the second time, after removing 25 dogs from his home. ABC-7's cameras were the only ones at the 500 block of South Fairacres throughout the day Thursday as deputies removed the seemingly matted poodles from Jack Catlan's home.

One dog appeared to be bleeding from his nose and face. A few were too matted to see their faces.

Investigators were granted two search warrants. The first was to check the home after neighbors complained of a foul smell and too many animals. The second search warrant allowed deputies to remove the dogs.

Dona Ana County Spokeswoman Kelly Jameson said investigators found several code violations inside the home. She also said the dogs will be examined by a veterinarian.
"They're all very matted. Their hair is overgrown so we're unable to determine if they're malnourished or not. The floor is covered in newspaper that has been soaked in urine and feces. There's boxes stacked everywhere, food container boxes. What we categorize as trash that hasn't been thrown out."..."  More & video

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