A Chambersburg woman was ordered Monday to pay more than $3,000 restitution to Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter and prohibited from owning animals for six months.
Betty George, 31, was sentenced after pleading guilty to two summary counts of cruelty to animals. Humane Police Officer Floyd "Buck" Hessler of CVAS said he had been prepared for a summary trial Monday on seven counts of cruelty, but George and her attorney asked for a plea agreement.
Hessler said he was first called in October to investigate a complaint about unsanitary living conditions at George's two-story home, 533 E. Washington St. He said a dog and five cats were living in the home, and the indoor smell of animal waste was noticeable from outside.
"I went and talked to her and she said she would clean it up," Hessler said. When he returned in December, the mess was still there. He checked on the house for a third time in February.
"Nobody was home and I could still smell urine and feces coming from the house, so I got a search warrant," he said. "It was just throughout the house, everywhere, in all the rooms."
When he executed the warrant Feb. 18, Hessler seized a chihuaha-terrier dog and three cats. Two more cats went into the rafters of the home's attic and he was unable to get them.
As part of the sentence, Magisterial District Judge Glenn Manns ordered George to surrender the two cats to the shelter within 72 hours. She is barred from owning any pets for 180 days. She was fined a total of $500, plus court costs..."  More