Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From Hoarded to Hope: Texas Hero Lays Out Welcome Mat for Rescued Poodles

by Laura Simpson

Written by Arienne de Vassal of Texas
I have volunteered with a local animal rescue shelter for about five years and fostered dogs for four. Although I foster different breeds, there is a soft spot in my heart for poodles. I grew up with one and have had one or more almost my entire adult life. I went into the shelter one day with my son, who also volunteers there. We were bringing in one of my fosters who was supposed to be adopted out that morning. Much to my surprise, when I walked into the Education Room of the shelter, the long table was lined with crates of poodles!
There was a woman in Mississippi who was turned in by her sister for hoarding poodles. They have different regulations and laws in that state, so the woman, who was rumored to have about 30 poodles living in an apartment, turned over nine. A plea for help went out and Citizens for Animal Protection stepped up to the plate and made the nine hour trek there and back to pick up these poor, matted and miserable dogs..."  More

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