Friday, April 27, 2012

Manhattan’s Mysterious Trash-Filled Car

On a quiet street in Manhattan's Greenwich Village, there sits a dented, scraped and graffiti-covered Chevrolet Corsica, filled from floor to ceiling with trash. How did this car get into this state? Is it some hoarders final refuge? How does it survive in such a fashionable Manhattan neighborhood?
This isn't the first time we've seen Manhattanites with strangely-filled cars. Last year we brought you the story of the mysterious book-filled car on the phallically-shaped borough's tony Upper West Side. Now we've found, thanks to a tweet from business reporter Ken Sweet, another car that's just as weird.
The Chevy is filled mostly with newspapers, some from a few weeks ago, some at least two years old. There are cups, bottles, napkins, wrappers, utensils, cords, rubber bands, umbrellas, bags, and a backscratcher filling the car from the carpets to the headliner; from the dashboard to the parcel shelf. The back windshield is almost completely obscured. There is hardly any room for the driver and none for any passengers. The whole rear of the car sags down under the weight of the junk.
The outside of the car is equally trashed; the paint has chipped off of the hood, both door mirrors have been replaced, the sides and trunk have been repeatedly covered in graffiti, and the whole roof has been bashed in..."  More

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