Saturday, April 14, 2012

From Hoarded to Hope: Marley and Charley

Two neglected dogs found beneath matted and tangled messes

By:  Cheryl Hanna

Rocky Mount, North Carolina - Can you find living dogs underneath that mass of mats and tangles? Who could ever imagine two little dogs neglected so badly that their rescuers originally thought the animals were tree stumps in the middle of a fairway. No one was even sure they were alive.

Meet Marley and Charley - discovered last Saturday by Rick Richmond and Johnathan Cole Griswold. The men were playing disc golf; better known as "frisbee golf" on the course at Sunset Park where they frequently played - when Griswold detected a horrible odor. Thinking an animal may have died in the immediate area, the men searched and within 30 feet of where they had been looking, they came across what appeared to be two tree stumps.

It was the middle of the tournament, but this couldn't wait because Griswold saw the "tree trunk" move. The men looked closer and could see life with tiny, red swollen eyes beneath the tangles. That's when they called 911. A police officer arrived and was just as shocked. He went back to his patrol car and walked over to the "dogs" with a beef jerky stick and some water, but neither animal would move. They just laid in the fairway in the direct sunlight.

Animal Control was called, and the SPCA Alliance of North Carolina answered the call. The nonprofit organization based in eastern North Carolina rescues dogs from kill shelters in Nash, Edgecombe and surrounding counties. Everyone there is a volunteer including Shelley Milburn who immediately responded to the call.

By later that afternoon, the dogs were rushed to an emergency clinic in Wilson and were sedated and shaved. Charley, the first dog weighed in at 17 pounds when he arrived at the clinic, and after he was shaved - two hours later weighed only 10 pounds. Marley weighed 15 pounds after his bath and shave, and both dogs were then wrapped carefully in heating blankets to preserve their body heat. The attending veterinarians think the dogs are poodle/maltese/shih tzu mixes.

Yesterday, Charley and Marley were released from the clinic, and Cindy Moore who is experienced in helping dogs to be socialized volunteered to foster and rehabilitate the eight-year-old neglected canines..."  More

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