Monday, April 2, 2012

Blog Exclusive: From Hoarded to Hope


Submitted by:  Melissa S.

In Oct 2010 I received an email from Kim Breaux, who was in the process of establishing, NOLA Lab Rescue, in New Orleans. She was looking for support, donations and fosters in the near future. I responded I would be willing to foster dogs for her and waited.   Eventually, I received another e-mail from Kim, hoping I could foster a very special pup for a long period of time and proceeded to tell me about “Hutch”.

Hutch was one of 20 dogs that were being kept by a hoarder in a single room of a mobile home. The woman did not let them outside very often and fed them only dumplings, as that was all she could afford.  The authorities were coming the next morning to pick up the dogs that were left after several rescues had been contacted. Kim was alerted about Hutch, as he was larger and looked like a Labrador.  

When Kim picked him up from the mobile home, he was hairless with open bleeding sores. She transported him to her Vet where he was given immediate treatment for mange, fleas, and various infections. After he was free of mange, she brought him home and worked out the transport to get him from New Orleans to me, in NE Tennessee. He was transported via South Carolina with a friend then to Tennessee.  

Nancy transporter, and Melissa S.

Hutch reached us to Nov 7, 2010 where he was to be fostered, until his fur grew back and his immune system was restored. 

My Husband and I had a pack of 4 dogs, when Hutch arrived. He was a little timid at first, but he soon fell into place with the other, eating and sleeping with them.  He soon learned how to fetch the Frisbee like all the others. He really didn’t come with much “baggage” ... he was house broken in no time at all ... he was very eager to listen and learn. You could tell that he craved love and attention and began to blossom.

After he was in our home for just a few short weeks, my Husband decided he could not bear to part with Hutch, so we officially adopted him.  He is such a special boy, he makes us laugh every day. 

Hutch Today:
 Fully recovered, fully loved

He was a pitiful mess when he was first discovered, and Kim Breaux came to his rescue, but he had a face that nobody could turn away from...  We are very happy that Hutch came to live with us!

Thank you to Melissa, for fostering and adopting Hutch, Nancy for transporting him and of course 
Kim Breaux of NOLA,Lab Rescue who rescued him

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing transformation! Thank you, Melissa for fostering and for adopting such a special dog.

sueze said...

What a wonderful outcome! A big thank you for saving him. :)

Tami C said...

What a wonderful story and what a beautiful happy Hutch. Thank you for helping this guy!

Mark V. said...

I love that boy!! Thanks for all you do, Melissa!! You not only saved him, but you gave him the loving home he deserves.

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful to read

Barngodess said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed Hutch's story. I hope people will see his before and after pictures, and realize that dogs in such bad physical shape, can be healed. They can grow into a beautiful companion for life. It is very rewarding to see them transform, and know that you had a part in it .... I am Hutch's forever Mom ... I can't tell you how happy I am that Kim Breaux rescued him and gave him a second chance at a happy life ! We love this boy ... he is a very special spirit.

Anonymous said...

You and Tom did good, Melissa :)