Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Animal shelter seeks assistance after saving 100 rabbits from animal hoarder

A massive effort to save 100 rabbits from a hoarding/breeder situation in Port Lavaca has successfully resulted in the rabbits being removed and transported to Citizens for Animal Protection shelter.
Spay Houston in Houston was made aware of the situation several days ago and immediately went into action by contacting Bunny Buddies.

Petco Foundation is graciously providing financial and product support to help cover the expenses for the veterinary services which will be provided at Spay Houston . Citizens for Animal Protection agreed to take the rabbits in and act as the main staging location.

The rabbits will be housed and cared for at CAP until arrangements can be made for foster or permanent placement.

With everything in place, volunteers and staff from all three organizations travelled to Port Lavaca to load the rabbits into vans and transport them back to CAP..."  More

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