Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Deplorable Conditions Caused by Animal Hoarding

Charlene Little

I have seen that people will hoard almost anything. It can range from certain possessions, to anything they can get their hands on, to animals. In the case of animals, it can be extremely heart breaking. 

These animals lack vet care, life sustaining necessities such as food and water and socialization. This is no way for an animal to live. They should be loved and treasured, just as any other being should be.

I was triggered to write this because of the recent events in Florida. Twenty-one dogs were removed from a hoarders home. They lived in outdoorkennels with very little to keep them warm. Each one had a small, filthy blanket, no food and no water. After very careful deliberation and negotiation by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the owner surrendered the animals, who was lucky all made it through.

This is not the first case of animal hoarding. This situation is made light of by a program on animal planet called "Confessions: Animal Hoarding."" However, even though this show is meant for entertainment purposes, anyone with common sense can see that these animals are suffering. People who hoard have a mental illness or childhood trauma that has caused them to begin collecting things..." More

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