Thursday, October 13, 2011

Officials Raid Animal Rescue Facility in Belmont County

By D.K. Wright

ST.CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio -- A huge animal hoarding bust was held on Thursday in Belmont County, as officials from the Belmont County Animal Shelter and the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department raid an animal rescue facility.

Four Paws Animal Rescue, located on Willow Grove Road, was the facility raided, as authorities entered with a search warrant. Dogs were found in rows of pens and cages, many living in several inches of mud, and with their ribs showing.

Cats were discovered everywhere, including on porches and in the yard.

Owner Carmen Wallace watched as authorities led the animals to their vehicles, and put up an audible fight as her horse was led away.

Wallace was seen in an exclusive video shouting “leave my horse alone!”, as she broke away and started after the animal rescue authorities, a deputy had to restrain her.

Verna Painter, with the Belmont County Animal Shelter said three vehicles were loaded with animals, and after they were unloaded at the shelter, authorities had to go back for more..."  More

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