Thursday, October 27, 2011

Carolyn Johnson - Reidsville, North Caroina

Oct 26, 2011:  Reidsville Woman Had 100+ Animals Taken from Home Before

A Reidsville woman who had more than 150 animals seized at her home this week had nearly the same number of animals seized from her home four years ago.
More than 150 cats, five dogs and four rabbits were taken from Carolyn Johnson's home in Reidsville on Monday. More than 100 of the cats ended up euthanized after suffering from upper respiratory infections.
"I might have had too many, and it was hard to supply for them, but I was trying," Johnson said.
Neighbors complained about the animals' welfare to multiple agencies. Johnson surrendered the animals to the Rockingham County Animal Shelter and a rescue group.
"I'm not going to say I was perfect. I mean I could have definitely had better stuff or more stuff, but nobody's perfect, especially with 150," Johnson said.
Animal control officials took more than 130 animals from Johnson's home in 2007. On Wednesday, Johnson showed FOX8's Brandon Jones books of records that she said proves her animals were taken care of. Johnson said she also asked for help in caring for the animals..."  More & video
Oct 25, 2011:  Over 100 Cats Rescued from Reidsville Home Euthanized
Officials said over 100 cats rescued from a Reidsville home on Monday were euthanized today.

Authorities with the Rockingham County Animal Shelter said the cats could not be saved.

Over 150 cats, five dogs and four rabbits were rescued from a home on Grady Road on Monday. The Animal Shelter had six vets check out the animals, but unfortunately, most of the cats had upper respiratory infections too severe to treat..."  More

Oct 24, 2011:  More Than 150 Cats Rescued from Home in Reidsville, Sheriff Says
Five veterinarians are working to provide medical attention to more than 150 cats that were seized Monday from a home on Grady Road in Reidsville.

Deputies said the animals were being housed in unsanitary and inhumane conditions. Several of the animals also looked underweight, were infested with parasites and were suffering from upper-respiratory.."  

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