Monday, October 3, 2011

Jeff Burgess, One More Chance Rescue - Ohio

Sept 30, 2011: Dog Hoarder Cannot Run Anymore Shelters


Clark County animal hoarder who had hundreds of dogs at his rescue in horrible conditions has been sentenced. But some are questioning if probation, a ban and a psychological evaluation is a stiff enough punishment.
Nearly 400 dogs were brought to the Franklin County Fairgrounds from One More Chance Rescue in Clark County in February.
There were also 76 dead dogs, 15 cats and the rescue was crawling with rats – both alive and dead.
Jeff Burgess, the rescue's owner, was charged with five counts of animal cruelty for hoarding the animals.
"The dogs were kept in very unsanitary conditions…no food, dirty, filthy water, just not a condition that you want to leave your worst enemy in, let alone your pet," said James Straley, of the Clark County Humane Society and who led the investigation.
As of Friday, all but one of the dogs have been adopted.
Straley said Burgess was sentenced to five years probation and no jail time. But he's not allowed to run a shelter again.
"I'm pleased with the sentence," he said. "The realities were, this is a misdemeanor crime and so we always knew going into this that if we got convictions, he probably never would see jail. The jails are bursting full with other criminals, murderers, rapists, things like that.
"He can't work with animals of any kind. He can have no … non-profit association. He can't associate with animal organizations ever again and then, of course, he has a psych evaluation."..."  More & video

Sept 29, 2011:  Dog hoarder avoids jail term

By Jessica Heffner
A 57-year-old man was sentenced to five years probation for hoarding and abusing almost 400 dogs. One local official hopes the case will set a precedent in other animal cruelty cases.
Howard “Jeff” Burgess, of Miamisburg, pleaded no contest to five counts of animal cruelty. On Thursday, Clark County Municipal Court Judge Thomas Trempe suspended a sentence of 120 days in jail for each count in favor of probation.
He’ll be electronically monitored under house arrest for the next 90 days as part of that sentence.
Thomas also ordered Burgess to undergo a psychological evaluation and to dissolve One More Chance Rescue in Bethel Twp. Burgess cannot join any animal groups during his probation or own an animal for at least a year, according to court records..."  More

March 19, 2011:  More Seized Dogs Taken To New Homes

March 18, 2011:  Seized Dogs Headed Out Of State In Search Of New Home

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