Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mercer Commission meeting to mull animal overpopulation issue


With the Mercer County Animal Shelter again at capacity, concerned citizens are set to discuss what can be done to prevent the overpopulation of animals in the county at today’s county commission meeting.

Animal control officers reported 30 dogs and eight cats were brought in to the Mercer County Animal Shelter Friday related to a hoarding incident in the county, putting the shelter at capacity. Mercer County Commissioner Jay Mills said the commission is looking into what can be done to alleviate the number of animals coming each week.

“They said by Friday there were 54 animals brought in to the shelter and around 40 of those were related to this hoarding situation,” Mills said. “I feel like what we need in this county is more adoption, more fostering and more rescuing. If we can get a spay/neuter ordinance in place in the county, that would help as well. We don’t want to face another overpopulation situation again.”

The issue of overpopulation of animals at the shelter came to light in late September after the Mercer County Commission asked the shelter to euthanize about 80 animals who had been residing in the shelter longer than the 10-day limit..."  

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