Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hoarding Task Force member says it might only be clutter


Who hasn't looked at a growing pile of stuff in a back room and wondered if it could be the first signs of hoarding, which is gaining national attention from reality televisions shows.
There are definite signs of hoarding, which has mental implications beyond just a cluttered area, according to Heather Gold of Redding.
Gold is a personal organizer with a social work background who has counseled with hoarders in Chico and Redding. She is part of the Butte County Hoarding Task Force through the Public Health Department.
Gold was featured on the television show on hoarding called "Buried Alive" in August, dealing with a man who purchased the contents of rental storage units, but never got around to selling the items. They just kept accumulating on his property.
Gold met the show's producers at a Bay Area hoarding conference.
Gold says she's "not a neat freak" but considers herself a coach who is sensitive to a client's outlook. Sometimes the desire to hold onto things are triggered by a tragedy, a brain injury or aging.
Hoarders sometimes have a strong attachments to meaningless belongings, or save items in excessive amounts.."  More

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