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Animal Legal & Historical Center - Animal Hoarding

Detailed Discussion of Animal Hoarding 

By: Victoria Hayes, JD Candidate May 2010, Chicago-Kent College of Law 

Animal Legal & Historical Center
Publish Date:
 2010 Place of Publication: Michigan State University College of Law Printable Version 

Table of Contents:

I.  What is Animal Hoarding?

A.  Defining Animal Hoarding

B.  What animals Are hoarded?

II.  Harmful Effects of Animal Hoarding

III. Who Hoards Animals?

A.  The Reality

B.  The Stereotypes

IV. Why Do People Hoard Animals?

A.  Myth:  A Love of Animals

B.  Reality:  Mental Illness

V.  Laws

A.  State Animal Cruelty Laws

B.  Hoarding-Specific Legislation

1.  Current Legislation
a.  Illinois’ Humane Care for Animals Act
b.  Hawaii’s Hoarding Law
2.  Pending Legislation
a.  New Jersey
b.  Michigan
3.  Unsuccessful Bills
a.  Montana
b.  New Mexico
c.  Vermont
d.  Reasons the Bills Fail

C.  Issues Related to Hoarding Specific Laws

1.  Psychological and Self-Neglect Standards
2.  Numerical Limits
3.  Criticisms of Anti-Hoarding Legislation

VI. Related Laws

A.  Forfeiture and Bond Laws

B.  Community Ordinances

C.  Shelter Regulations and Licensing Provisions

D.  North Carolina’s Standing Law

VII.  Prosecuting Hoarding

A.  Reluctance to Prosecute

B.  Lack of Communication Among Agencies

C.  Inconsistent Charges

D.  Recidivism

VIII.  Case Outcomes

IX.  Conclusions

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