Sunday, October 9, 2011

Accused Animal Hoarders Work To Clean Up Conditions

Ronald and Karen Miller have been working to clear their name after they were charged with animal cruelty, 10TV's Glenn McEntyre reported Saturday.

In July, humane agents raided the brother and sister's apartment and found them living in squalor.

"There was trash, newspapers, boxes, (and) empty food containers piled halfway up the house," said Danyel Bageant of the Fayette County Humane Society.

Among the mess inside the apartment, humane agents found 21 cats.
Agents seized the animals, the home was condemned and the Millers were arrested, McEntyre reported.

Karen Miller said they did not realize they were living in unhealthy conditions.

"They say we were immune to it so we couldn't really tell how bad it was," Karen Miller said.

Several of the cats that were removed from the home had to be euthanized..."  

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