Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hoarding leads to influx of animals at shelter


Dogs barked and howled as Animal Control Officer Stacy Shampo coaxed Pumpkin, a rescued dog, out of her kennel. Shy, but happy for attention, the canine snuggled close as Shampo let visitors see the dog’s emaciated body. Ribs and other bones were obvious under her skin.

Pumpkin wasn’t the only dog wanting for attention and care. She was among 30 dogs and eight cats victimized by animal hoarding.

“She was chained on the property,” Shampo said. “She had no shelter. She seems very sweet — she’s a very sweet dog.”

The animals were found in poor conditions Thursday when property off Route 112 was visited, said Animal Control Officer Mandy Davis. On this visit, dogs and cats were found in substandard conditions. Some were housed in recreational vehicles while others were chained outdoors; some had shelters, others did not..."  

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